About us

We are a family owned and operated private consulting and investment firm. One part of the owners settled in the US and the other is based in Hungary. It is now easy to understand why that we chose the “Atlantic” and the “Bridge” expressions in our name. We are bound to these notions both physically and symbolically.

The geographical meaning of the metaphor is clear. Overcoming the distance between the two continents, connecting the two worlds has been one of the most important drivers of global economic development for centuries. We believe that in the lifetime of our generation, the behavior in Europe and North America will shape the economic growth of the world. This is a complex relationship where the two basic aspects of the capitalist world – cooperation and competition – challenge each other. There is nothing wrong with that, after all, it is all about finding the right combination of these aspect in order to provide the best investment decisions and strategic advice for our clients.

In the world of consulting and investment companies, the symbolic meaning of the “bridge” role or the “bridging” concept is also crucial. This means both a choice of behavior and an attitude towards market processes and opportunities.

The word “bridge” demonstrates our focus and long-term goal to explore and connect markets, companies, and projects that have significant growth potential and where we can utilize our special knowledge and geographical advantage of being on two continents physically. As a strategic consultancy, our aim is to ensure that our clients always know and feel that they can build the bridges they need to manage their corporate processes and solve their internal problems.

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