Generation-driven Approach

Based on experience, we firmly believe that compared to other generations, people between 30 and 50 have the most creative energy, workload capacity, empirical knowledge, and network potential to establish a company from scratch.

Before founding this company, we thoroughly tested our hypothesis that a specific, generation-based investment attitude yields the best results. It was concluded that there is a distinction based on the age of business founders, which predetermines the possibilities of growth and success. Business founders between the age of 30 and 50 tend to have the most creative energy, workload capacity, empirical knowledge, and network potential. They have better chances to establish a successful company or conquer a market segment. We look for these people to cooperate with them as partners, becoming the best combination of resources. Without a doubt, ours is a long-term strategy.

Focus on Embryonic Phase

The best investment starts in the middle of nowhere, with a strong vision and partnership of a few talented and determined people. We love ideas and initiatives in the early embryonic phase.

This is the phase where we can see what we are developing, where the basic organizational, operational units and rules are already in place and growth can begin. The only question is the pace of growth and the optimal size of the company. We are also aware that the company must prepare for bigger jumps, shifts that are different from the linear growth model. These situations need not only to be noticed, but also actually promoted. As investors and advisors, we strive to anticipate, establish and then stabilize these points for the benefit of the company.

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