We are at home in the world of consulting.

We have almost two decades of extensive experience consulting various projects in both the private and public sector.

We do not think that this long period itself should give anyone the sense of excellence. Instead, we believe that we must constantly learn and reassess everything around us to better understand how the world, the markets, the institutions, and eventually the people work.

The role of the consultant is always a sensitive point in every project.  How can you trust a partner who is not the owner or employee of the company, or not directly influenced by the consequences of an institutional decision? The formula is not trivial, but the trust must be built on strong pillars.It is not by accident that counseling is widespread and thriving in the capitalist culture of both continents. The success of the project is what makes the consultant entirely accepted and a lasting player in the market.

A special aspect of the industry is that often not the consultant brings the best advice to the table, but in most cases, the recipe for success is unthinkable without their involvement because they can coordinate the entire creative process. Creativity is a key element of good management decisions, and you can count on us as we are both inside and outside the institution during the project.

The best consultants are mediators of the “out of the box” thinking algorithm.

Our focus in the following years will be to connect our investment strategies on digital solutions and life sciences. This behavior does not narrow our client circle as both areas are in dynamic transformation; it merely reflects that we concentrate on specific areas rather than being “jack of all trade” consultants.

Given the size of our team, it would be irresponsible to say that we can be the best active financial investors and consultants at the same time. However, we can be an extremely sharp scalpel in the hands of our clients if our expertise in investment and consulting merge with each other in the years to come. We take our chances with this kind of approach, but without risk, there is neither success nor good business.